Why we don't use PLA for our cookie cutters

Why we don't use PLA for our cookie cutters

The most common material used to make 3D printed cookie cutters is PLA, PLA is a non-toxic plastic that is particular easy to 3D print, and is not very expensive.  The ease of printing and the low price is why most (if not all) 3D printed cookie cutters or stamps available online are made from PLA.  

However PLA has two major problems which mean you could find yourself quickly having to replace the cutter you just bought.  

Firstly PLA is a very brittle plastic, the weakness of the PLA means that not long and your new cutter could easily be cracked and broken.  

Secondly and this one is the biggy, PLA is very temperature sensitive, leave your cutter in the wrong place, i.e. a car with the windows closed, or near the kitchen window on a sunny day, or even just in hot tap water and you can kiss goodbye to that lovely cutter, as you will now be the proud owner of a warped and deformed mess. In our professional cookie business we have had to through away countless PLA cutters due to deformation and warping before we started to make our own.

Our own experience of how poor quality PLA cutters are  led us to search for a better material when we decided to start making and selling or own.  We ran countless trials with different materials before finally settling on the product we have.  

Our cookie cutters are made from a much higher quality non-toxic plastic.  The material we use is Non-Toxic, Recyclable, Durable, Contains no colourings, and best of all has higher temperature resistance than PLA, this means your cutters will last allot longer, and are much less likely to be warped or damaged. Leave our cutters accidentally in the sun or run it under your hot water tap when cleaning and they will not warp. 

Super tough with increased temperature resistance means a Viwi's Corner cutter will be hanging around your kitchen for a much longer time saving you money over a cheaper PLA alternative. 

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